“I believe that every woman has within her
the power to call upon her natural instincts to
bring about the best possible birthing for her 
baby and herself.”
~Marie Mongan

Graceful Birth
Group Instruction
Group instruction is scheduled quarterly. Classes are typically held weekday evenings with the occasional weekend offering. Classes are kept small and held at my home in Puyallup. Please contact me for up to date scheduling information and to reserve your space as soon as possible.

$ 300
Graceful Birth Services
Offering a 5 week course in HypnoBirthing®. Each 2.5 hour group class is taught out of my home in Puyallup. Tuition is $300 and includes our cornerstone CD Rainbow Relaxation and the 302 page text, HypnoBirthing® - The Mongon Method. Private instruction in the comfort of your own home is also available. Please email me for a quote.
Private Instruction
Private classes may be held from my home or in the comfort of yours. Please note
​the price listed here is the average rate for private instruction. Contact me for more specific pricing info and to schedule your own class now.

$ 425
Refresher Course
If this is your second (or more) HypnoBirthing® class, I am happy to create a customized refresher course for you. Contact me so I can learn more about you and create a tailored program. As with private instruction, the rate listed here is average tuition rate for this service. For more specific pricing info please contact me.

$ 100